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What are the sexual benefits of cycling?

  • Cycling makes you sexy
  • Less stress from cycling improves sex life
  • Cycling regularly can improve your sex life
  • Cycling helps prolong your sex life

How will cycling affect my sex life?

The science behind these success stories lies in cycling’s ability to make us more sexual. Cycling is a major contributor to improved cardiovascular health and increased blood flow. Both are proven benefits for healthy sexual function. Cycling has been shown to be an ideal low-impact means of addressing the issues linked to sexual dysfunction, especially among men approaching or in middle age. Indeed, it’s the aerobic benefits and the boost to blood flow that’s been shown to make cycling a sexual enhancement for many a man.

Can 20 minutes of cycling dramatically improve your sex life?

In men, regular exercise appears to be a natural Viagra: It’s associated with a lower risk of erectile problems.

In one small study, sedentary middle-aged men assigned to participate in a vigorous exercise program for nine months reported more frequent sexual activity, improved sexual function and greater satisfaction. Those whose fitness levels increased most saw the biggest improvements in their sex lives.

What is a Butt Plug?

Butt plugs are one of the most popular sex toys for anal play. The simple, yet a rather genius, design of a butt plug helps people to enjoy hands-free anal stimulation for prolonged periods of time. Butt plugs accomplish a basic task very effectively – they stay in place. Find out why this anal play product is becoming everyone’s favorite toy.

What are the benefits of using butt plugs?

Butt plugs leave both partners’ hands and attention free to roam elsewhere. For instance, wearing a butt plug is a fantastic way of enhancing the experience while giving and receiving oral sex or while enjoying a sensual massage. Butt plugs can be combined with all kinds of genital play, including vaginal intercourse. Butt plugs facilitate sexual pleasure because they apply pressure to erogenous zones and create the feeling of “fullness”. When it comes to sex, pressure is greatly underestimated and overshadowed by the “in and out motion”. In fact, pressure is what enables many people to climax and experience great pleasure, both vaginally and anally.

Are butt plugs safe to use?

Since butt plugs can be enjoyed hands-free, they should always have a flared base. Otherwise, there’s a significant risk of the product slipping too far into the anal canal and traveling up the colon – which may cause serious bodily harm. A flared base prevents the toy from being inserted entirely and makes retrieval not only easy but possible.

What are the different butt plug sizes?

Butt plugs vary hugely in sizes, and this is one of the greatest things about them – one can use the size that fits their own experience level and needs. A beginners butt plug usually has the widest point that is no more than 1″ in diameter and an insertable portion of 2″ to 3.5″ in length. 

How to choose the right material?

Different materials can bring really unique sensations since each one of them has its signature properties. Stainless steel and other body-safe metals can be used for temperature play, feel really smooth and don’t drag the skin, but are heavier and are completely non-flexible. Glass or crystal butt plugs are really beautiful and usually lighter in weight than metal toys, but it’s important to make sure that they’re made by responsible brands and that they’re reinforced enough to stay intact and not break at their weakest point – the neck of the toy.

Should I choose the vibrating or the non-vibrating plug?

Vibration is a feature of butt plugs that can bring new dimensions to anal pleasure. Some vibrating butt plug options simply have a hole at the base of the toy, where one can place a bullet vibrator. These vibrations often can’t travel far enough to stimulate erogenous zones deeper inside the body. This is why vibrating butt plugs have a motor at the tip of the plug, that can transfer vibration to the prostate in men, or the perineal sponge and the anterior fornix erogenous zone (also known as the a-spot) in women.