Evidence that Cycling is the most efficient sport and exercise – Has its connection to sex

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It seems like all we hear about on the news these days is how poorly we treat our planet. Air pollution and dangerous gas emissions are at an all-time high, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the world ended tomorrow. We’re that close to complete disaster. But no matter how bad the situation seems, there’s actually an easy fix to it all — cycling.


Aside from it being a great way to lower the pollution caused by vehicles that run on petrol and diesel, cycling is also healthy for us as individuals. Namely, more and more people are struggling with obesity that comes about due to a lack of physical exercise. Both our desk jobs and fast-food diets are silent killers. Luckily, riding a bike can counter both.


But that’s not all. Cycling has a connection with sex as well. Yet, we’re not going to get ahead of ourselves on this. Allow us to, therefore, explain why you should consider getting on those two wheels and peddling your way to a healthier and happier life, both physically and mentally. So, hop on and take a seat — we’re about to take a ride.

Cycling Improves Blood Flow Circulation

Our health’s worst enemies are heart diseases. From heart attacks and strokes to high blood pressure, these are the most common suspects when it comes to cardio-related deaths. Yet, one of the most obvious pros of cycling is that it significantly reduces our risk of ever encountering them. But how come, you might ask.

One 14-year long Danish scientific study suggests that regular exercises in the form of cycling improve numerous heart functions, which also translate into better circulation. These include improved heart muscle strength, lower resting pulse, and better blood fat levels. All three also positively affect our sex life, as a better blood flow provides firm erections.

Cycling Causes You to Sweat

Sweating is definitely among the many cycling benefits. But how is being all wet and sticky anything positive? Well, sweating is our body’s natural way of cleansing. It’s behind detoxing, eliminating bad chemicals, and getting rid of bacteria. All this, additionally, leads to an overall better performance between the sheets.


Aside from urinating, sweating is our main way of detoxing from heavy metals. Similarly, by getting all wet, we eliminate bisphenol A, a dangerous chemical related to heart and brain diseases. And lastly, we lower the chances of skin infections by sweating, as it bonds with bacteria that cause irritation, redness, and other unpleasant effects on our outer layer.

Cycling Exercises the Lungs

We’ve already mentioned the effectiveness of cycling on our cardiovascular system. However, we haven’t mentioned how it also translates into better lung health. The main way riding a bike helps our lungs is by increasing the rate of lung inflation and deflation. This turns into increased capacity, which allows for overall better fitness.


With healthier lungs, people also get to enjoy better BDSM. We know this sounds a bit off, but allow us to finish. Namely, a major act in the bondage community is breath play. It consists of denying someone air during intercourse. Well, with better lungs, you can do it for a longer period without the chance of ending up hurt.

Cycling Promotes Endurance and Longevity

The positive side effects of cycling translate into sex in yet another way. Namely, with better fitness, the chances of keeping it up in bed increase significantly. But it’s not just that. With a better lung capacity, both men and women can last longer in bed. You see, sexual function isn’t just about having an erection. It’s also about lasting longer than a few minutes.


If we’re being frank, cramps and feeling weak during longer intercourse are not so uncommon. Well, by improving your fitness, you get to eliminate those issues once and for all. Moreover, you get to have sex for as long as you like. Of course, as long as you don’t get tired of body-slamming each other for hours.

Cycling Is a Leg Workout

Having sex means being physically active, right? Well, yes, and it’s not as easy for most people who don’t have any fitness. Cramps are usual problems for both men and women. This is especially true when it comes to experimenting with new and challenging sex positions. However, all that can go away with improved leg fitness.


Since cycling is all about using your legs, it’s the best way to improve their functionality and appearance. As your muscles grow bigger and you experience weight loss, you’ll be better prepared to kneel, crotch, and twist yourself in ways that previously seemed impossible. Who thought cycling to work would pay off between the sheets.

Cycling Improves Emotional and Mental Health

What’s the main problem for most men and women when it comes to sex? Is it erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness? Well, nope. Even if these two are issues worth worrying about, they are not the most common. The main difficulty we experience is a diminished sex drive due to the stress of our daily private and professional lives.


An easy fix to this is — you’ve guessed it — cycling. Yep! Riding a bike is a great way to relieve yourself from negative thoughts and feelings during the day and be ready to have fun with your partner in the evening. No matter what you’re struggling with, you can think it over while on your trusty two wheels and prepare yourself for the sunny side of life — sex.