6 Ways Cycling Improves Your Sex Life

6 Ways Cycling Improves Your Sex Life

If you’re always thinking about riding your bike to work every morning, but you never actually work up the motivation, we’ll show you some incredible benefits of cycling that will make you pump those pedals faster than ever before! Here are six ways in which cycling improves your sex life!

Riding a Bike Makes You Fit!

Cycling is one of the easiest and most effective aerobic activities. Riding a bike works out your lungs, blood vessels, and heart. This raises your overall body temperature, makes you sweat, and gives you deeper breaths. With increased cardiovascular fitness and enhanced stamina, cycling can improve your overall well-being.

Moreover, cycling is not as demanding as going to the gym. Research shows that most people experience the positive effects of cycling after just a few weekly rides. Regarding sexual desirability, one study found that active cyclists feel more confident in themselves. Actually, more than 60% of women and 80% of men who cycle up to three days a week feel that their sexual desirability is above average.

Cycling Makes You More Attractive!

Another study from the UK has found that riding a bike makes you look sexier. This study has examined 600 men and women. It has discovered that cyclists are 13% calmer and more intelligent compared to those who never exercise. Also, this activity makes you 10% more charitable. Interestingly, 23% of people have claimed that cyclists are more attractive compared to other athletes.

Still, cycling doesn’t only make you feel more attractive. Being physically active can tighten up your body and enhance your sex appeal. On average, riding allows you to burn around 400 calories per hour, which is slightly less compared to running or swimming. Plus, it takes a milder toll on your body, ankles, and feet compared to other sports.

Cycling Gets You in the Mood!

Cycling is good not only for your health and fitness — it also calms you down and gets you in the mood! In fact, this activity can give you a special rush of chemicals to relax you and decrease your stress by balancing your cortisol and adrenaline levels.

In a way, the chill vibe that you feel after cycling is similar to the effects of mind-altering drugs like weed. It’s true — cycling releases endocannabinoids or the natural chemicals in our bodies that belong to the same family of substances responsible for making you high when you smoke marijuana. That’s why riding a bike will make you feel blissed out. This is a normal response to the release of feel-good neuro-chemicals such as serotonin or dopamine.

That’s why one of our best sex tips is to climb on top (of your bike) and start riding! When you combine the effects of stress-killing hormones with feel-good chemicals, you get the perfect cocktail of natural substances that boost your sex drive and make you insanely horny!

If you’re an active cyclist with lower stress levels, you are much more likely to have an increased libido. Plus, the benefits we’ve mentioned do not only impact your sexual appetite. They boost your sexual health as a whole. That means you’ll be able to have sex more often. Also, riding your bike can make you enjoy your ride in the bedroom much more!

Cycling Makes You All Pumped Up

Contrary to what you may think, exercise doesn’t make you feel exhausted. Instead, it re-energizes you. By regulating your cardiovascular health and your blood flow, cycling can get you pumped up for all sorts of naughty sexual activities.

A study conducted by Duke University has found that male cyclists can decrease the risks of sexual dysfunction. Here, the optimal amount of exercise is 30 minutes per day for three or four days of the week. For female cyclists, studies show that they experience heightened sexual arousal immediately after exercising.

While male and female sex drives are different, it seems that this activity impacts all of us positively. Another study from Texas has found that anyone’s libido can reach its peak if they cycle every day of the week for just 20 minutes.

Cycling Makes You Feel Younger!

As we’ve said, cycling puts much less stress on your joints and body compared to other activities. This is exactly why people can cycle well into their old age. Generally, this activity improves your muscle fitness and regulates your blood circulation, which makes you look and feel younger.

In fact, a study from the National Forum for Coronary Heart Disease Prevention has found that regular cyclists can look and feel ten years younger! What’s more, research from Cornell University shows that male cyclists feel 2–5 years younger in terms of sexual prowess. For women, cycling can delay menopause for up to five years. All of that is great for older people who want to maintain healthy sexual functioning and have active sex lives.

Couple of cyclists riding bicycles in meadow

Cycling Boosts Stamina! 

Finally, pumping those pedals can turn you into a beast in the bedroom! It can make you feel more confident and prove to you that you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to be amazing in bed. After all, everyone can catch a buzz from biking and reap its full benefits, regardless of their weight or fitness level.

Regarding endurance, cycling can strengthen your body by developing your primary muscle groups. Those are the same muscles that we use for sex. Therefore, when you combine an increased muscle mass with respiratory health and cardiovascular benefits, cycling can make you last a long time in bed!

Time to Ride!

Hopefully, we’ve given you the right incentive to work on your fitness goals. So get on your bike today and enjoy the ride!