How Huge Can Huge Dildos go?

How Huge Can Huge Dildos go?

Do you have a fetish for huge dildos? Well, it’s only natural that true queens would be looking for king-sized toys that can enchant them with euphoric orgasms every time. But how large could be the huge dildos? Now, the length of the toy plays a big role here. So, while small dildos come with 5” or 6” of insertable length, you will also find dildos with 8” or 9” of insertable length. But the dildo industry hasn’t stopped there. Some of the dynamic dildo designers have even come up with ultra-large dildos that can go as long 12” to a shocking 17”.

Are you curious to try out big dildos? Now, the 17” long dildos are certainly too big for most of the women out there. Its better you leave them to your fantasies. After all, you certainly don’t want to stretch your vagina to the point of being rushed to the ER. But that doesn’t mean you can’t check out comparatively smaller yet huge big dildos. The good thing is the post below offers a brief on some of the best large dildos you might try out this year.

Large 10” Manhandler Realistic Dildo

This dildo is certainly for those craving for something real BIG. It’s 10” size will make you croon with pleasure right from the very looks and just imagine the mindblowing sensation you will have with the toy inside. The dildo sports a thick-veined body which will do wonders to stiumulate your delicate sweet spot and transport you to the best of your O-game. Its tapered head assures easy smooth insertion while its big ribbed handle guarantees solid control. The toy is made from Sil-A-Gel rubber which is non-toxic and free of unwanted Pthalates. You have got a superb body-safe toy here.

Dick Rambone Realistic White Large Dildo

This particular toy is especially for those super-adventurous divas who are always looking for things extra-large. The thick wgite toy surprises with its whooping 15” insertable length and a solid 8” large girth. Talk about king-size pleasure and you have this toy for you here. In regards to the make, the dildo is made from SilAgel-infused TPR that makes it soft, firm and smooth as well as body-safe. Moreover, you will love its thick vein details that will add something extra to your titillating nights. The dildo comes with a suction cup which means you will have the convenience of a joyous hands-free dildo play.

Lovehoney beaded glass dildo

Glass dildos are usually very artistic and when it sports a large size, the experience is always special. The toy comes with 7.2” insertable lengthy as well as 5.5” girth that assure maximum pleasure for the users. You can try it out if you are a medium-sized or small-sized dildo user and looking for a comparatively bigger toy for a more sensuous experience.

Mention must be made of the toy’s beaded design that promises unmatched pleasure and stimulation with every thrust. Another great part is that the toy is made from toughened borosilicate glass which makes it durable, non-toxic and extremely body-safe.

King Cock Girthy Ultra Realistic Dildo

With a fantastic 8.5” insertable length, this dildo screams pleasure right from its very sight. It’s simply humungous and also extremely realistic with skin color and intricate veiny details. Another great aspect of the toy is that it comes with suction cup which means the toy allows easy hands-free pleasure. Moreover, the dildo is harness-compatible. So, if you are in the mood of a strap-on dildo play and looking for a large dildo, this toy would be the ultimate for you.

BASICS 8” dildo with suction cup

This is another great large dildo with a solid 8” insertable length. The pink shade inspires scarlet fantasies and this toy is  a must have if you are in the mood for some extra-large experiments in your bedroom. The good thing is this is a waterproof toy. It means, the dildo will be equally exciting in your shower or bath tub as well. Besides, the dildo base sports a solid suction cup. So, if you are tired of holding dildos and looking for a hands-free play, this is the toy for you.

Tips to use large dildos

Big dildos no doubt look tempting but they could inflict more pain than pleasure if not used properly. There are a few points to remember to ensure safe and enjoyable use of large dildos.

First of all, if you haven’t used a large dildo before, do not just jump for the extra large sizes. For example, if you are still limited to dildos with 5-6” insertable length, a dildo with a massive 13-15” insertable length would be too overwhelming for you. In that case, you can start your big dildo tryst with a toy sporting around 7”-8” insertable length maximum. Once you get acquainted with base large dildo sizes, you can ascend to comparatively bigger ones. But, once again, don’t make a jump-start here. View product information and sizing guide at lovegasm, so you cant get the right size for you.

You can’t forget your vagina is a delicate place. To insert anything big inside, you need to prepare the area for that. Unless your vagina is prepared to take extra-large sizes, you will end up severely hurting yourself.

Besides, always be careful of the material while using a large dildo. If you are new to the large dildo world, start your journey with silicone dildos. Yes, you have some really amazing big dildos in glass or metal but those are tough and could be painful if your body isn’t used to taking things real big inside. Silicone is a soft material and hence would glide in real smooth inside. Once your body gets acquainted to having large silicone dildos inside and vagina is stretched enough, you might try out the harder materials.

Lubrication is a must especially when you are using a large dildo. Insertion of a huge dildo will cause more friction than regular-sized dildos. If you don’t lubricate properly, you might end up in serious pain. So, make sure to lube up the dildo generously and also the vaginal passage for smooth and hassle-free insertion.