Orgasm Deluxe – All about the sex toy that will make your big O’s even bigger

Orgasm Deluxe – All about the sex toy that will make your big O’s even bigger

The great big world of anal play is full of amazing toys. However, if we’d have to pick one toy to start with, we’d definitely recommend anal beads. These beads are beginner friendly, simple to use, and they have incredible results.

How these beads work depends mostly on you and your partner. Some use them for massage, while others love how their removal just before an orgasm can enhance the feeling. That small additional boost can make sex more intense than ever.

However, before you start using anal beads, here are several things we think you should know.

*Start slowly – no need to get the biggest ones the first time. Take a model for beginners, and then work your way up to bigger, better things.

*Take a model with a handle or a loop – a handle or a loop at the very end of a strand means that you can always remove the toy. Nothing scary about it, nothing can get lost, everything will be under control at any moment. This makes it easier to relax.

*Pay attention to quality – we’re not saying you should buy the most expensive model. What we are saying, though, is that you should avoid beads that are being held together by a nylon string. Furthermore, before you use the beads for the first time, make sure that they are completely smooth and without any sharp edges.

*Lube is unavoidable – Lube all the beads with a thick anal lube. Water-based lubricants are ok, but this is better for you. Thick lube will make the beads slide right in a lot easier.

*Start on your own – if you’re just starting out, trying anal beads on yourself is the best way. You can get comfortable with them before trying them out with your partner. Not to mention that you can discover what works for you quicker.

*Communication and relaxation are the key – talk to your partner and relax. Don’t be silent, say what you like and what you don’t. Also, if it’s easier for you, use a condom with your beads.

*Get an antibacterial toy cleaner – you have to clean these between uses. So, get a cleaner, clean them, and leave them to dry in an open space.

*If you don’t know what you want, get a kit – the price is smaller, but the fun is bigger. With a kit, you get a bunch of toys to experiment with, so you can quickly discover what you like and what you don’t.

*Experiment with materials and shapes – some people love glass anal beads, others prefer silicone. Try out both to learn what’s your preference. Browse through different shapes, maybe an odd looking model can make you twitch with pleasure.

*Consider vibes – vibrations can make the insertion easier, and it can turn the pleasure up a notch.

*Give the two-in-one option a thought – why would only one partner get to enjoy? With these anal bead models, you can both experience heightened pleasure.